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A Reckless Life

The Prequel to Girl Lost

Tyler Series - Book 2 of 2

Teenage Abbey was brought up in a nice, modest family. But, the temptation of drugs and partying was just too much and she got caught up in it all. After running away and getting a job on a championship horse farm, she meets the handsome, and married, Adam Tyler, and is about to jump headfirst into a whole new reality of secrets and lies. Can she let go of the past and embrace an unknown future?

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After reading 'Girl Lost', I was excited to find out that there would be a prequel, and this book did not disappoint! I actually enjoyed this book more than the first one. The story moved quickly, and kept me interested from start to finish.

-Amazon Review 05/2017

After reading Girl Lost I could hardly wait for "A Reckless Life" book. It was so spellbinding, I could not put it down until I finished. Hope she is writing more.

-Amazon Review 05/2017

OMG, such a great read. This as my favorite by this author so far, and that says a lot because she is incredible. You have to read this book.

-Amazon Review 06/2017

Book 1 in the Tyler Series

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A Reckless Life




The storm was raging wildly outside and I had never been so scared in my life. When I first got into the driver’s seat of the car, there were ugly, dark clouds and I could see that a storm was brewing. However, I could not have been prepared for what actually hit us. It came out of nowhere. One moment, it was just dark and gloomy, then all of a sudden, the winds blew at what seemed like a hurricane force. It was blowing so hard, I was having a difficult time keeping the car on the road. We were hit with severe winds that seemed to come from every direction. Through the darkness I saw a window shutter on the second floor of an old house violently tear away from its hinges and fly through the sky, disappearing quickly. I thought about how happy I was that it didn’t hit the windshield of the car I was driving. I felt that it took every bit of concentration I had to keep from being blown away, and honestly didn’t know if the car was going to keep four wheels on the road or not. I suddenly had visions of Dorothy, along with her house and dog being lifted higher and higher into the sky.

Then the thunder and lightning came, jolting me back to reality. The thunder was so loud, I nearly jumped out of my seat and gave out a small cry of alarm. My passengers looked at me, but said nothing. They were as terrified as I was. It was certainly nothing I had ever experienced before. It felt like the sky was very angry and was making sure everyone on earth knew it. The roar was deafening. The flashes of light were so brilliant, and so close, that I had to squint my eyes for a moment, not watching the road for a precious few seconds.

Then I realized that the lightning was nothing, because once the rain hit, I could barely see where I was going. The windshield wipers on the car were moving as fast as they could, yet it wasn’t enough. Not even close. The rain seemed to come out of the sky in huge sheets of water, like ocean waves, descending down on us so hard and fast that the wipers just couldn’t keep up. I had to slow the car way down, I had no choice. We would never arrive at our destination in one piece if I couldn’t see where I was going. Only an idiot would be out driving in this storm. I had called an ambulance, but crazy enough, there were none available. I was told that it could be two or three hours before one was available. Seems the heavens were tormenting everyone that night.

Because I could barely see in front of me, I was driving slowly when I came upon some debris in the road. If I had been driving faster, I would have surely hit it, stranding us there. I didn’t even want to think about that. Unfortunately, there was no way to go around the debris, so I had no choice but to get out and move it. My passengers were in no shape to help me really, and didn’t offer. I didn’t even look their way. It was all on me, that was clear. As I opened the car door I cursed to myself for being so stupid to not take the time to grab a jacket when I left the house. I was only wearing a pair of jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt. As I got out, I was instantly drenched. Then a big gust of wind hit me and slammed the car door so hard, I would have lost a hand if I hadn’t forced my way out so quickly. 

Ducking my head down against the weather and trying to brush back the soaking wet hair from my face, I slowly pushed my way to the front of the car. There was a small tree and a rusty old car door, of all things, blocking our way. I was so determined in my task that I hardly noticed the cold. Without a second thought, I wrenched the tree up with all my might and backed my way across the road, dragging it carefully. There were broken off branches, resulting in deadly wooden skewers all up and down the tree. One wrong step, a tumble, and visions of me spiked on a wooden skewer and bleeding to death right there in the road flashed in my mind. So, I treaded carefully. When I reached the side of the road, I laid the tree down gently and went back for the car door, which was surprisingly heavy. I dragged it slowly out of the way, just enough for me to drive around it.

It was then that I noticed I was shivering and ran back to the car. No one else had thought to bring a jacket either. We had been in such a hurry to get going that it hadn’t crossed our minds to dress warmer. As I jumped back in I reached over and turned the heater dial up to the highest position, hoping for a quick blast of heat. It worked. A few minutes later we were very toasty, even though I continued shivering. I was no longer cold, just scared to death that we wouldn’t reach our destination in time to save her.

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