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Do you ever go into a coffee shop and see some guy sitting in the corner just typing away on his keyboard? I know you've wondered what in the world he is doing.

There's a pretty good chance that he's an author working on his next great novel.

Many of us authors are anonymous. You might recognize our work, but you won't recognize our faces. Most of us like it that way. Not that we are anti-social. We just like the anonymity of sitting behind our laptops and making beautiful works of art.

Writing is a lonely job. We don't go into an office every day and tell our co-workers about our weekend at the beach. Our co-workers are our spouses, kids, and dogs. They all know that we sat in front of our computers writing all weekend. That's what we do. No beach was involved.

For those of us that do go out among the masses to write, many would be thrilled to be recognized and asked for an autograph.

I write in my home office. Not because I don't want to be around people, but because I need the quiet to work. But, I might be found sitting in a corner somewhere making notes for my next work of fiction. My head is always spinning with new ideas, and that's what I do.

If you do recognize an author, walk up to him or her and tell them so. They won't bite, I promise. You might just make their day.

Feel free to send me a note below, just to say hi.

Michelle Files
Author and Book Lover

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