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Writing Book Reviews

Why should you write reviews on books for your favorite authors?

That's an easy one. Because reviews help authors sell books. That's the bottom line.

When a potential buyer is perusing books to read, most will look at the reviews of that book. If a book has no reviews, or very few, the reader often thinks that it isn't worth reading. But that is usually far from the truth. The truth is that most people just don't bother reviewing.

A notable exception: If they hated the book, many will run as fast as they can to write a review complaining about everything. That is unfair to the author. The book may not be your thing, but it certainly will be someone else's favorite read. So when you do write reviews, please be kind. Someone spent months, and maybe years, writing that book.

How to write a review: Many ebooks will have a link in the back, pointing you directly to the book's sales page, and that gives you an easy place to go to.
Or, just go to the page where you purchased the book. It's usually an easy task to just search for the author's name and then click on the correct book.

Once again, even if you didn't like the book, please be kind in your review. It's the human thing to do.

And if you loved it, don't be afraid to tell everyone! Authors need those reviews and word of mouth to really get their names out there. Help your favorite authors sell more books. That will make them want to write more, for your enjoyment!

Michelle Files
Author and Book Lover

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  • These are some great tips, and I’ll be sure to write reviews to help authors out. Thanks.


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