Storm on Wildflower Island

What will the storm bring with it?

Wildflower Mystery Series - Book 3 of 4

Needing a bit of a break from the daily drudgeries, Steve takes his wife, Claire, on a romantic weekend getaway up the coast on Wildflower Island. When they are hit with the storm of the century, their lives are torn inside out. Returning home...all is not how they left it.

The police think they're crazy. The island residents think they're dangerous. Their family is torn on the issue. Could they all be right? Who is stalking their family? Will a shocking discovery be the key to finally unraveling the mysteries of the storm and getting back their old lives?
An unforgettable, gripping plot that will have you turning pages late into the night.

Don't miss book 2 in the Wildflower Mystery Series!

Michelle Files

Author & Book Lover


Mysteries, Suspense, Thrillers,

 & Small Town Drama Novels

Michelle Files' Tyler Series, Wildflower Mystery Series, Ivy Mystery Series, and Stone Mountain Family Saga are copyrighted.

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