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The Many Lives of Sam Wells

Ivy Mystery Series - Book 2

Book 2 in the popular Ivy Mystery Series

A serial killer. A family torn. Time travel with a twist.

The continuing saga of the Wells family. This time, Ivy's grandfather, Sam, is finding himself reliving his lives over and over.

Sam Wells dies at 79 years old. Then things get worse.

When he opens his eyes as a young college student, he remembers everything from his past life, including the identity of the serial killer who is terrorizing their small town. Many young women are murdered, and Sam knows who did it.

The Many Lives of Sam Wells



“Why are you…doing this? Please…stop.” The words came out in shuddering gasps.


The young woman, not much more than a teenager really, was begging for her life. I barely heard her. The only thing I was concentrating on was squeezing the life out of her. My hands were wrapped tightly around her neck. I could smell the acrid scent of fear. Many may tell you that fear doesn’t really have an odor. They are wrong.


I could feel her neck pulsing under my hands. Thump thump. Thump thump. Thump thump. It made my entire body tingle as her body was struggling to survive. It was trying to get oxygen and blood to her brain. It was all futile.


She struggled, to no avail. Her face had turned into a bright shade of crimson. Then it seemed to meld into an almost violet color, as she began to lose consciousness, and her ability to fight waned. She dropped her arms to her side in defeat. It made me smile.

Michelle Files

Author & Book Lover


Contemporary Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Novels

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