The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Ivy Mystery Series - The Complete Series

Complete Series - Get all 5 Parts in 1 Book

What would you do if a serial killer was tracking you through time?


Ivy Wells never wanted to die. When she does, she thinks it is all over. It isn't.


When the 30 year old mother of two wakes up as a 12 year old, she has to navigate her life all over again. And she remembers everything. Including the serial killer who is terrorizing her small town.


Can she stop him in time to save her friends? Can she somehow get back to her old life, with her children?


This is a 5 part serial, with cliffhangers at the end of each part. It all comes to a dramatic conclusion in part 5. Get your copy of this gripping time travel serial.

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The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Part 1



As I pulled the front door open, I gasped. There he was, right in front of me. His dark hair was shorter than I remembered. But those eyes. Those steel gray eyes. Those would never change. A shudder ran up my spine as I stared back into those eyes.


“Hi Ivy, Baby. Happy to see me?”


He was smiling at me and it was the creepiest thing I have ever seen. If Freddy Krueger himself had been standing there, it would not have been so chilling. Simon was a whole other monster.


As he started to look down at the children, I tried to slam the door in his face and began yelling.


“Kids! Go upstairs right now to Hunter’s room. Lock the door and stay together!”


Both of the kids hesitated as they looked at the man standing before them.


“Now!” I screamed as he shoved the door hard, causing me to slam into the wall next to the door. Stars floated around my vision. Luckily I was only stunned for a moment though. I shook the cobwebs from my mind, because I knew that I needed to act fast.


“Go!” I yelled again.


Hunter grabbed his little sister’s hand and the two of them ran up the stairs as fast as they could. I didn’t have time to confirm that they had reached their destination. I had to attend to the man standing in front of me.


That’s when Simon grabbed me by the throat with one hand. He yanked me away from the wall and toward the kitchen, holding me up high, so that my feet barely touched the floor. Luckily for me, Simon was not squeezing the air out of me as he did so, because I was no match for his strength. He had biceps that I don’t remember him having. The man had been busy while we were away.


I knew that I needed to do something to get out of the impossible situation that I had found myself in. If I didn’t act quickly, I was going to die. That was inevitable. Simon would have no qualms about killing me right then and there.

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