The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Ivy Mystery Series - Book 1

Book 1 in the popular Ivy Mystery Series

What would you do if a serial killer was tracking you through time?


Ivy Wells never wanted to die. When she does, she thinks it is all over. It isn't.


When the 30 year old mother of two wakes up as a 12 year old, she has to navigate her life all over again. And she remembers everything. Including the serial killer who is terrorizing her small town.


Can she stop him in time to save her friends? Can she somehow get back to her old life, with her children?


Get your copy of this gripping time travel serial.

Michelle Files

Author & Book Lover


Contemporary Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Novels

Michelle Files' Tyler Series, Wildflower Mystery Series, Ivy Mystery Series, and Stone Mountain Family Saga are copyrighted.

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