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The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Ivy Mystery Series - 5 Part Serial

Part 3

The continuing race through time as Ivy Wells battles a serial killer.


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This is a 5 part serial, with cliffhangers at the end of each part. It all comes to a dramatic conclusion in part 5. 


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The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Part 3



As I slowly regained consciousness, I shook my head, trying to clear the darkness, and the fog from my mind. I felt like I had been asleep for days, yet not long enough. Just let me sleep a little longer, I thought.


In those twilight moments, when I was not completely asleep, but still not fully awake either, I became aware somehow that I was still taking in those deep, slow breaths, that happened when I slept. Then memories squirmed their way into the recesses of my mind. In the darkness I could see shapes forming, and the trees moving. I could even feel the cool breeze on my skin.


Oh, I’m in the forest, that’s right. It was coming back to me now. I reached up with my hand and felt the left side of my head, where I expected to find a lump forming. I remembered tripping over something and landing on the ground, just as my head thumped against a rock. My head hit so hard that I could have sworn that I heard my own skull crack in protest.


I remembered fading out and losing consciousness. I wondered to myself how long I had been lying here in the forest before waking. Had the sun gone down yet? It would be horrible to be caught in the forest alone after dark. I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes just yet. I would need another minute or two to get that task accomplished, as my head was still clearing the cobwebs.

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