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The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Ivy Mystery Series - 5 Part Serial

Part 5

The continuing race through time as Ivy Wells battles a serial killer.


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This is a 5 part serial, with cliffhangers at the end of each part. It all comes to a dramatic conclusion in part 5. 


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The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Part 5



Abruptly, I regained consciousness. I found myself still in the sinkhole. My arms began flailing about again, as I attempted to get out from under the crushing, heavy debris that had piled on top of me. I gasped for air. It felt thick and unyielding. I dared not open my eyes for fear that the dirt would get into them. I reached up to brush the muck from my face and eyes. But strangely, I felt nothing. My face was clean of debris. Still, I felt as though I couldn’t breathe, with the crushing force on my chest. I once again gasped for more air. This time there was relief and I could breathe.


As the air filled my lungs, I screamed. It was a blood curdling sort of scream.

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