The Many Lives of Jack Wells

Ivy Mystery Series - Book 3

Book 3 in the popular Ivy Mystery Series

Jack Wells is executed for a crime he did not commit. Then things get worse.

After his execution, 42 year old Jack wakes up as a 19 year old, and he remembers everything from his past life. The only thing he doesn't know is who killed those boys.

The murders have yet to be committed. Can Jack save the boys in time, and his own life in the process?

Over several lifetimes, Jack races through time to find the answers.

This is one fight to the finish you won’t want to miss.

Teens and adults alike will love this time travel thriller.

Get your copy of this gripping time travel series. 

The Ivy Mystery series:

The Many Lives of Ivy Wells
The Many Lives of Sam Wells
The Many Lives of Jack Wells
The Many Lives of Georgie Wells - coming soon

Michelle Files

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