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Thorns on Wildflower Island

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Wildflower Mystery Series - Book 4

Their story would shock the world.


Marshall and Eliza Porter have a secret. A big one. Haunted by guilt and shame, the couple is living their worst nightmare. Reeling from a crises that would destroy most marriages, they learn not to trust their friends...or their enemies...or each other.


As the bodies keep piling up, someone is watching them and their lives begin unraveling as they quickly turn on each other.


Several of the island's residents get pulled into the mystery, when investigators find a piece of evidence that can't be ignored. Everything the residents thought to be true is revealed to be a dangerous lie.


Wildflower Island is full of unforgettable characters with secrets..and lies..and murder. Get caught up in this riveting mystery suspense novel.

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Thorns on Wildflower Island




It was late. Long after midnight, and much too late on that hot summer night for Marshall Porter to be out in his backyard, working in the garden. He had tried sleeping, but the stickiness from the night only resulted in restlessness, and his wife grumbling at him as he interrupted her sleep with his tossing and turning. As he laid there, staring at the ceiling, he thought about that rose garden he had been promising Eliza that he would plant. He decided right then and there that the time was right. It was an unusually warm summer, and the middle of the night was the only logical time to be outside toiling. Marshall had purchased the rose plants weeks prior and put them on the back patio. There they remained.


Marshall worked only by moonlight. Not quite a full moon, but he could see as well as he needed to. He didn’t want to disturb Eliza or any of the neighbors by turning on the patio light. He hummed quietly to himself as he worked.


Completely focused on his task, he paid little attention to the noises of the neighborhood. Crickets rubbed their wings together noisily, creating a chirp that droned on into the night. Ivy that clung to the back of his house grazed the wall in the slight breeze. Something flew over his head, causing Marshall to duck instinctively. It was too big to be a dragonfly or June bug. It was probably a bat. Marshall hated bats. They gave him the creeps. He had heard they carried rabies, though he was pretty sure they rarely attacked humans. Still, he kept his eyes on the night sky. He didn’t want to find out the hard way.


 Though it was the middle of the night, a dog barked off in the distance. Another answered. A third chimed in far off from another direction. They must have been quickly shut down by their people, because that was the last he heard of those three.


As things quieted back down, Marshall was immersed in thought, when he became aware of someone watching him. The sensation was undeniable, almost physical. He looked up and into the dark night. As alarm began to grow, he felt eyes burning, boring into him. There could be no mistake about it.

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