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The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Ivy Mystery Series - 5 Part Serial

Part 2

The continuing race through time as Ivy Wells battles a serial killer.


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This is a 5 part serial, with cliffhangers at the end of each part. It all comes to a dramatic conclusion in part 5. 


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The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Part 2



I felt like I was falling. The feeling was unmistakable. Almost like a dream...but it wasn’t a dream. Just before I hit the ground, I woke with a jolt and my eyes popped open. I immediately, and involuntarily, squeezed them shut again, as the bright sunlight stung them. My hands instinctively flew up to cover my closed eyelids. It helped to block out the still strong sunlight.


 While I laid there with my eyes closed, though it was only for a few seconds, I could feel the heat on my body. It was a sweaty, sticky heat.


I carefully opened my eyes, still holding my hands up to shield them from the sun. The sun was blinding. I sat up as my eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light. I looked around and realized that I had been lying on a beach, in a bikini, and my skin was turning a bright shade of pink.


“What is going…” I paused, my mind reeling, as it all came flooding back. “Oh my god. Not again.”


I looked around at the people on the beach. No one paid me any attention. As the events of my previous two lives swam around in my head, I watched several children on the beach run in and out of the water as it chased them back onto the shore. They squealed with delight and I couldn’t help but smile at their innocence.


My skin felt like it was on fire and I looked around for my clothes. I found a beach bag stuffed under the lounge chair I had been lying on. In it I found shorts, a tank top, and some sandals. I quickly threw the clothes on over my purple bikini. There was another lounge chair next to mine, with a beach towel spread out over it, but no one occupied the chair. There were actually several in a row. Some had people in them, some didn’t, and I didn’t recognize any of them.


Now what? I thought.

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