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Desperation on Wildflower Island

Secrets that no one wants revealed...

Wildflower Mystery Series - Book 2 of 4

If you listen closely, beneath the howling wind and the crash of the waves, you might hear the island whisper its secrets.


A dark past she can’t forget. An uncertain future she can’t control. When people start dying in unusual ways on Wildflower Island, the residents are in a panic. Is there a serial killer on the island? Are these just unfortunate accidents? As the answers begin to surface, secrets, deep and twisted, are discovered. Secrets that no one wants revealed. It takes just one unlikely person to see the killer’s desperate cries for help. Now that person is in danger. 


Be prepared to read all night!

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Desperation on Wildflower Island




“Just breathe. Like this.” The nurse demonstrated to the woman in labor how to perform the lamaze technique for breathing. “You never took lamaze during your pregnancy?” the nurse asked her. “That’s unusual.”


“No…I didn’t think I really…needed it,” Catherine said between breaths as her labor pains came on in a strong way. “I didn’t have anyone…to go with me anyway.”


“I see.”


The nurse’s judgmental tone was not lost on Catherine. Not being the confrontational type, she said nothing. It was none of the nurse’s business anyway. Between contractions, Catherine turned toward the window to watch as frequent bolts of lightning lit up the Colorado night sky, causing sparkling light to bounce off the shiny metal of the instruments in the room.


Not being able to afford one, Catherine didn’t have her own obstetrician. Instead, she had to rely on the doctor that the hospital assigned to her when she was ready to deliver. That thought scared her when she realized that she was woefully unprepared for a child. Unprepared for the delivery, and unprepared for what came next.


The delivery doctor on call had not shown up yet, though it had been hours since the patient arrived. This was not unusual. She couldn’t count how many times she had personally delivered a baby over the ten years she had been a nurse, due to the lack of urgency in some of the doctors. Why they chose the field of obstetrics never ceased to amaze her. It was one of those specialties that by its very nature required the doctor to be on call and get to his duties quickly. Babies waited for no one. She had a bad feeling that this would be one of those times where she got to deliver yet another child. Not that she minded, really. It gave her a warm feeling each and every time she helped a family bring a new life into the world. It seemed to her like the doctor would come tearing into the room the moment it was all done. He took all the credit, and the paycheck. She knew she did a lot of good, but often felt it was a thankless job.


“What is your name anyway? I forgot to ask,” Catherine asked her nurse.


“Emily,” the nurse told her just as wall rattling thunder made her jump.


Catherine smiled as she watched Emily catch her breath after the sudden thundering. It didn’t bother Catherine a bit as she was a fairly calm sort of person. She didn’t like that her nurse was so jumpy though. That part made her nervous.


Catherine sized Emily up and thought that she could be pretty. She had jet black hair that was pulled back into a long single braid down her back, and she wore no makeup. The lime green scrubs with daisies all over them didn’t do her any favors either. Catherine thought Emily would look much better in purple, with her coloring and all. She had a knack for that sort of thing. She would never think to say anything to her nurse though. Catherine barely knew the woman and didn’t want to anger the one person who was helping to bring her first child into the world. 


Though the two women had never met until a couple of hours prior, and nurse Emily was a decade older than Catherine, they hit it off immediately. Catherine was the forgiving type and didn’t waste another second of her time thinking about the ‘tone’ she felt Emily had in her voice earlier.


Catherine pulled her long blonde hair up into a bun on the top of her head as the two of them talked. Though the hospital room was quite cool, Catherine was sweating profusely and needed to get her long, sticky hair out of her face.


Not much else was going on that night in the maternity ward, so Emily spent most of her time in Catherine’s room. Catherine didn’t mind. She liked not being completely alone on the most important day of her life.


Emily had noticed that Catherine didn’t have anyone with her, but felt it was not her place to pry, so she hadn’t said anything at all about it. During all the years she had been a nurse, she had learned to just stay out of the private lives of her patients. Truth was that she didn’t really want to get involved anyway. The vast majority of those that she cared for either went home, and she never saw them again, or they died. Even those that had to be readmitted at some point in the future, rarely remembered her. She was kind of the forgettable type. Plain, quiet, not really the type to get in the middle of other people’s problems. She had enough of her own to deal with. Despite all of that, she did her best to give Catherine as much attention as she could. Emily couldn’t imagine giving birth without her husband there for support. She felt sorry for the woman.


“You haven’t asked me about the baby’s father,” Catherine said once she caught her breath after another brutal contraction. She was watching Emily check the fetal heart monitor. “Is everything okay?”


Emily turned to look at her. She could hear the worry in Catherine’s voice. “Yes, everything looks fine. You have a feisty one in there, that’s for sure.” She smiled at Catherine. “And to answer what you just said. No, I haven’t asked about the father, because I know it’s none of my business.”


“No, it’s all right. Really. I’m here all by myself. I don’t mind telling you. Hopefully you aren’t too judgmental when you hear my story,” Catherine replied, brushing some blonde wisps of hair out of her eyes.

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