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mystery, child, murder, kidnapping, thriller, novel, young adult

Desperation on Wildflower Island

Secrets that no one wants revealed...

Wildflower Mystery Series - Book 2 of 4

If you listen closely, beneath the howling wind and the crash of the waves, you might hear the island whisper its secrets.


A dark past she can’t forget. An uncertain future she can’t control. When people start dying in unusual ways on Wildflower Island, the residents are in a panic. Is there a serial killer on the island? Are these just unfortunate accidents? As the answers begin to surface, secrets, deep and twisted, are discovered. Secrets that no one wants revealed. It takes just one unlikely person to see the killer’s desperate cries for help. Now that person is in danger. 


Be prepared to read all night!

Green Typewriter


  author & entrepreneur


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