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About Michelle

Hi. I'm Michelle and Welcome!

Many, many years ago, I started my first novel. I'm not even going to tell you exactly how long ago that was! Then work and kids happened, and the novel got pushed aside. Over the years I started a few more novels, none of them ever getting done.

Then, a few years ago, I decided it was time to do something about that. I started a new novel from scratch, and finished it! The book is titled Girl Lost. I have seen a steady stream of book sales. Since then, I have also completed the prequel to Girl Lost, called A Reckless Life, and several more books.

Whatever happened to those unfinished manuscripts? Well, they are still sitting on my desk, unfinished. I do have plans to go through them and pick out the most interesting of them and get them written.

In the meantime, I have ideas for a dozen other, more interesting novels. So, those will come first. Please check back on my site frequently for fresh, updated information on my books.


Michelle Files :-)

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If you have read Girl Lost, A Reckless Life, or any of my other books, please write a review on on the site you received it from. Good reviews are one of the best ways that authors get readers.


Thank you! Michelle


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