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Secrets of Wildflower Island

4 teenage girls discover a body...

Wildflower Mystery Series - Book 1 of 4

Wildflower Island is an idyllic place, where crime just doesn't happen.

When 4 teenage girls discover a body, badly beaten, a nice day at the beach goes horribly wrong. As they embark on a quest to solve the murder, they find themselves as the main suspects. The girls quickly turn on each other as they are blackmailed by an unknown person and harassed by residents of the small island they live on. Who killed the boy? Will the girls be next? This mesmerizing mystery, suspense novel will have you guessing until the end. Get your copy today!

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Secrets of Wildflower Island




“Where is your sister? We have something we want to talk to you about,” Mary’s father, Tim, asked her as the family sat down to have a nice lunch of fish and chips at the Wildflower Inn Cafe they owned.

“She went to the beach party,” Mary replied, propping her bare feet up on the remaining empty chair.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Piper said quickly as she ran up the wooden stairs from the beach onto the cafe’s deck. “Can we make this quick? I want to go back down to the beach party. Mary, move,” Piper said, pushing Mary’s feet off of her chair. Piper sat down and began braiding her long hair while she waited for her parents to tell them whatever it was they wanted and she could go back to having fun with her friends.

The teenage waitress took their lunch orders immediately upon them sitting down at their usual table, which interrupted their conversation. She ignored the other customers who had arrived several minutes before and were still waiting for her to address them. She was receiving irritated looks from quite a few tables, of which she was completely oblivious to. This did not go unnoticed by Tim Carmichael, Piper and Mary’s father. He ran the cafe and it was important to him that his customers were well taken care of.

“Frankie,” Tim said to their waitress, “please go help all of these nice people before you put our order in,” gesturing to the other tables. “Remember that they pay your salary. And mine.” He smiled as he said it. Tim was a pretty easy going boss.

Frankie was just 16 years old and had a head full of wild red hair. With her curves and just a few freckles on her nose, she was very cute, and a favorite of the local boys that frequented the cafe. She didn’t pay them much attention though, which drove them even crazier. Frankie smiled back at Tim and wandered off to help the rest of her customers.

Tim Carmichael watched her walk away. He was a man, and not completely immune to the little swish in her walk, especially since she was wearing nothing but cut off jean shorts, a bikini top, and flip flops. This was the standard wear at the outdoor cafe on the beach.

Once she was out of earshot, Tim turned back to his family. He noticed that his wife, Roxanne, was watching him as he was watching Frankie. She didn’t say a word, but he could see the disapproval in her eyes. He knew that was a conversation they would be having later that night, when they were alone. He grimaced at the thought.

“As I was saying, we have something your mom and I want to talk to you about.”

He looked over at his wife again and frowned, terrified of delivering the bad news to their daughters. He knew he couldn’t avoid it though, and he knew it would hurt the girls terribly. It just broke his heart that he had to break theirs.

Piper and Mary were 15 years old and identical twins. So identical that even Tim and Roxanne had trouble sometimes telling their daughters apart. It was usually their personalities that were easily distinguishable, rather than their looks. They had long, wavy blonde hair and piercing powder blue eyes. They were the envy of every girl in school, and most of the local boys had a crush on one or both of them.

Piper was easily the more outgoing of the two. The social butterfly of the family, her father called her. Because of this, kids her age were naturally drawn to her and she had many friends. Mary was a bit more shy. Certainly not an introvert, but she did not have the fearless, outgoing personality that Piper had. When they were with a group of friends, it was always Piper holding court, while Mary stood in the background, mostly unnoticed.

“I’ll tell them,” Roxanne said to her husband, taking his hand. She saw the relief on his face as she steadied his trembling hands.

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