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mystery, suspense, thriller, killer, kidnapping, serial killer, young adult novel

Thorns on Wildflower Island

The final book in the series

Wildflower Mystery Series - Book 4

Their story would shock the world.


Marshall and Eliza Porter have a secret. A big one. Haunted by guilt and shame, the couple is living their worst nightmare. Reeling from a crises that would destroy most marriages, they learn not to trust their friends...or their enemies...or each other.


As the bodies keep piling up, someone is watching them and their lives begin unraveling as they quickly turn on each other.


Several of the island's residents get pulled into the mystery, when investigators find a piece of evidence that can't be ignored. Everything the residents thought to be true is revealed to be a dangerous lie.


Wildflower Island is full of unforgettable characters with secrets..and lies..and murder. Get caught up in this riveting mystery suspense novel.

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